How To Download Music From Youtube on Android

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You might feel it Quite difficult to find the appropriate music or song you are searching for. It may even happen that you heard some music and it instantly makes your mood good and you want to hear it again and again. But what if you found YouTube but YouTube works when your data is on or when you are online but the music you like you want to save it in your playlist .Now you have two choices one is to save offline that music or song on YouTube other one is to download it from any website not each and every music is present there it may happen that you found it on YouTube but it is quite possible that you may not found the same on the official website or any of them then the only option you got is to download it from YouTube itself. Some people might be thinking that is that even possible to download the music from YouTube and save it in your Android phone.So the answer is yes it is possible and it is quite easy to save it offline there are few methods available to download the music from YouTube and save it offline in your Android device. So that you can enjoy your favourite song whenever you want to hear it but before downloading you must know that not all files or content is available to download as it may be protected with some legal restrictions so you are recommended to read all the terms and conditions of YouTube’s services so now let’s know about the methods to download music from YouTube to your Android device.

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The first method to download music from YouTube to Android is to use an application named as TubeMate .This application is not easily available on Google Play Store as I don’t like to download or save the content of line so now the question arises that how can you download TubeMate application in your Android device you can download it from its official website or APK mirror so now when you have downloaded TubeMate in your mobile you need to follow few steps to save music in your Android from YouTube first of all you need to change your settings so that you can receive through unknown sources you need to take that option after doing all the formalities like launching the application after installing it from APK file you have to read all the terms and conditions and you may continue if you agree to them now search the video or music that you want to download on YouTube and a button in Greenville represented at the top side of display now click on this green arrow icon after clicking on this icon it will ask you that either you want to download audio MP3 or audio M 41 so you need to put your choice there and you will see that music has already started downloading and in few time you will see that music has been saved in your Android from YouTube.


Now another way to download music from YouTube is by using video order the very first step in this is to change few settings like acceptance or installation from any unknown sources should have been enabled otherwise you won’t be able to download music no like before you have to launch the app and select the video you want to save offline or you want its audio to be saved after scrolling down you will see option audio download links from where you can download the audio that you desire to save and the last step involved in this is to click on a Button start download after which the download will get started and you will see that it is working accordingly.