How to View GBWhatsapp Status Always Online

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Hey! So this guide is a way to help you set your very own whatsapp status as always online…

It was actually not possible to do this when using the original whatsapp but it is now possible. The only way to do this is to use a modded/modified whatsapp version which is legit and virus free(nobody wants to be spied on) so the only way to do this is to use a legit source such as this article here.I know all of you are eager to explore this new feature which the modified whatsapp provides so let us begin. The modified whatsapp which we are talking about here is none other than the most popularly used GBWhatsapp!.

The thing about online status in whatsapp is that it will show that you are online only when you are connected to the network and the application is open but now using GBWhatsapp you can be always online for other people even when your internet connection is slow and even when the whatsapp application is not open. You can download gbwhatsapp app from right here.

Many people who own ios devices also want to show their whatsapp status as always online… but unfortunately, they cannot as there is no modified version of whatsapp available for ios devices. We will make su8re we update this post whenever there is a way to do the trick so make sure you ios users keep on checking the website for regular updates as our developers are working on cracking the ios devices in order to update/modify the original whatsapp version and the time is surely near when all the ios users will have the privilege to be ductile enough to use the GBWhatsapp application just like android users (someday).

Follow our very own user friendly personalized guide in order to download and use the always online status in GBWhatsapp :

Step 1: Download the GBWhatsapp modded application on your device


Step 2: Open up the apk application setup file and proceed in order to install the application on your phone. If it is unsuccessful, make sure unknown sources is enabled in your phone and proceed again with the previous line.

Step 3: Now, open up the application and it will ask you to verify your number using your own mobile number and will provide you with an OTP which you will have to enter once received as a message!


Step 4: Now enter your display name and set a custom display profile picture and then proceed ahead by selecting the next button.

Step 5: The GUI will be similar to the original whatsapp but the only differences or improvements (whatever you want to call them) will be the high amount of features which will be available to you and will be in your control to optimize/customize your whatsapp according to the needs which please you!

Step 6: Click on the menu button and open up the GB settings to proceed further.

Step 7: Keep on scrolling until you find the other mods option and select thot option once you find it.

Step 8: Now it is pretty obvious but here you will need to select the one and only, your most awaited .. ALWAYS ONLINE! Option and once you click on it , go ahead and restart your application (prompt)..

Step 9: Congratulate yourself! Because you have done it.. Now your whatsapp(GBWhatsapp) status will be always online and don’t worry about your screen turning off because it won’t be a bother.

MY FINAL WORDS (just kidding):

This is the most comprehensive guide that you will find all over the internet and this is the sure shot way to be ALWAYS ONLINE using a TRUSTED WHATSAPP MOD so that you don’t get spied on, your device does not get messed with and you can finally have some peace of mind in your life.